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New Services from Dentistry on Hold

Dentistry on Hold is pleased to introduce DDS Signage. Our digital signage platform made exclusively for dental practices!  DDS Signage is an extremely effective way to engage patients and increase sales. Customized lobby content that promotes your practice and services, entertains patients, educates, and shares your story.

Visit the DDS Signage website to learn how we can help you engage your patients with ROI producing content as they relax in your waiting area.

Free up time, reduce costs, communicate better, and improve your telephone solution with Dentistry on Hold and Weave!

Dentistry on Hold is pleased to announce that we are now a Weave Channel Partner. After 20 plus years we’ve seen it all when it comes to telephones and telephone systems. We’ve helped countless dental practices improve their VOIP Solutions, system menus, and on hold programs for a great caller experience. With the Weave telephone and communication platform for the dental and orthodontic industry we’ll help you craft an exceptional caller experience.

In addition to being a telephone system, Weave allows you to:

  • Send automatic appointment reminders.
  • Schedule appointments, answer questions, and share practice protocols with two-way texting.
  • Access patient information, birthdays, family members, and appointment history at a glance.
  • Easy form completion for patients to fill out and submit digital forms.
  • Web assist let’s your patients schedule and text whenever they want.
  • Request/process payments instantly to improve receivables.
  • Easily generate positive reviews via text automatically after a visit.

Watch our video demonstration:

Visit the Weave + SolutionsOnHold website for details and to schedule a Q&A session.

**Dentistry on Hold happily works with all telephone systems and VOIP providers. If Weave is not for you we’ll help you sound great and navigate your telephone solution whether you have a PBX, analog phones, or voip solution from 8×8, Mango, Vonage, Comcast Voip, Verizon, Ring Central and more. We are also a partner with if you are looking for another alternative.

Request your FREE Custom Demo Program today!